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With the strong support of major donors and residents from throughout the region, SCCF has committed to provide this cutting-edge monitoring technology to gather information about our water quality. Donors responded to the goal of raising funds for the full array of eight sensors from the Fall of 2006 through the Spring of 2007.

Individuals and Organizations

Pete and Pat Allen
Donna and John Schubert
Sandy Gross and John Hutton
City of Sanibel
Mary Lee Dayton
Deborah and John La Gorce
Bruning Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. David Lucas
Bob Wigley and Ann Moran
Paul and Lucy Roth
Bill and Tina Hillebrandt
Dr. Edward C. Wheeler and Anne E. Haslem
Jack and Starr Thomas
Chip and Nancy Roach
Linda and Wayne Boyd
Roberta and Philip Puschel
Florida Department of Environmental Protection
John and Katherine Bailey
Tom and Sue Pick
Mrs. Merrill J. Taylor
Robert and Nancy Maupin
Anne and John Burden
Federated Department Stores Foundation
Wolter Group
Judith Bright
Raymond James Charitable Foundation/The Bireley Family Fund
Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Linsmayer
Pamela B. Ellis
Sanibel-Captiva Shell Club
Villaume Industries, Inc.
Mrs. Vara R. Williams and Ms. Kathryn W. Jones
West Coast Inland Navigation District (WCIND)
Margaret Newell
Dr. and Mrs. Edward S. Miller
Marilyn and Charlie Hart
K. Ann Dempsey
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph W. Clark
Ralph and Jean Woodring
The Bait Box
Bedford Technology
Drs. Sue and Clay Cook
Don Novotny and Kathy Howlett
Mr. Richard Curtin Jr. and Family
Shirley and Joel LeVine
Suzanne Lurie
Norman J. Watts
Judith Benz
Joseph P. Smaha
Maureen O'Brien
Fran and Harlan Kieling
Phyllis M. Sharp
Gerd and Ulla Von Below
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence A. Yenkole
David and Esta Berger
Mr. and Mrs. William I. Bachman
Anita and Robert Smith
James P. and Madelyn V. Hanlon
Ms. Patricia L. Zapf
Mary and Jim LaVelle
Irene S. Pope
Eric C. Milbrandt
Robert B. Palmer
Mrs. Judith Peters