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New RECON Website Coming

Over the coming weeks will be transitioning to a brand new RECON website! The new site will still provide all of the near real-time data RECON has become known for, but it will do it in a much better capacity. The new site will be fully responsive, meaning it will work on a desktop computer and well as tablets and smartphones with ease. The graphs will be interactive rather than static images, meaning you will be able to easily zoom in for more detail. In addition to the standard data the new site will provide contextual context for the data, helping to better convey how the values RECON is measuring affect the local ecosystem.

During this upgrade process the current RECON website may be offline at random times. Additionally data from the RECON sensors may be delayed by several days, as the sensors are reprogramed to send data to the new website. We apologize for any inconveniences during this process, but we know the new website will be worth it!